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UPC: 4050538675191

Release Date: 7/30/2021


California-based rock band AFI are back with their eleventh album, Bodies. The long standing quartet - comprised of singer Davey Havok, guitarist-keyboardist Jade Puget, bassist Hunter Burgan and drummer Adam Carson - known for their unshakeable connection with their audience is a testament to the band's knack for reinvention, renewal, and exploration, anchored by an unblemished authenticity. A place in rock n' roll history assured by magical musical androgyny, both post-modern and timeless, AFI remains guided by the flames of determination that defined their first ten albums and are sure to drive the next ten and beyond.




1 Twisted Tongues

2 Far Too Near

3 Dulcería

4 On Your Back

5 Escape from Los Angeles

6 Begging for Trouble

7 Back from the Flesh

8 Looking Tragic

9 Death of the Party

10 No Eyes

11 Tied to a Tree

AFI - Bodies (Black Vinyl)

SKU: 4050538675191
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