The Xx unique make-up is an inadvertent second nature marriage of 2009's urban/guitar tribes, in one corner fluttering new wave indebted reverberation, in the other, plumes of post-dubstep sub-bass and figuratively, their defining core of rich R&B vocal textures. The enveloping vocal partnership of Romy and Oliver is one that would've dropped-jaws in any decade this century, and set amidst a shivering soundscape of beats and plucks, their bedroom-reared concrete-soul is being justly heralded as the UK's most original and treasured alt. pop artifact of late.


Disc 1



1 Intro
3 Crystalised
4 Islands
5 Heart Skipped A Beat
6 Hot Like Fire
7 Fantasy
8 Shelter
9 Basic Space
10 Infinity
11 Night Time
12 Stars

Xx - Xx

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