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Van Morrison's 1970 album that includes the singles Domino, Blue Money, and Call Me Up In Dreamland. Presented on 1LP, 140g turquoise vinyl.


Track List

1Domino (1999 Remaster)
2Crazy Face (1999 Remaster)
3Give Me a Kiss (1999 Remaster)
4I’ve Been Working (1999 Remaster)
5Call Me Up in Dreamland (1999 Remaster)
6I’ll Be Your Lover, Too (1999 Remaster)
7Blue Money (1999 Remaster)
8Virgo Clowns (1999 Remaster)
9Gypsy Queen (1999 Remaster)
10Sweet Jannie (1999 Remaster)
11If I Ever Needed Someone (1999 Remaster)
12Street Choir (1999 Remaster)

Van Morrison - His Band & The Street Choir

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