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UPC: 677517007718

Release Date: 1/22/2013

The product of a move from South Carolina to Berkeley, CA and the subsequent extended separation from loved ones, Toro y Moi's third full-length, Anything in Return, puts Chaz Bundick right in the middle of the producer/songwriter dichotomy that his first two albums established. The producer's hand is prominent--not least in the sampled "yeah"s and "uh"s that give the album a hip-hop-indebted confidence--and many of the songs feature the 4/4 beats and deftly employed effects usually associated with house music. Tracks like "High Living" and "Day One" show a considerably Californian influence, their languid funk redolent of a West Coast temperament, and elsewhere--not least on lead single, "So Many Details"--the record plays with darker atmospheres than we're used to hearing from Toro y Moi. Sounding quite assured in what some may call this songwriter's return to producerhood, Anything in Return is Bundick uninhibited by issues of genre, an album that feels like the artist's essence.




1Harm In Change
2Say That
3So Many Details
4Rose Quartz
8High Living
9Grown Up Calls
11Day One
12Never Matter
13How's It Wrong


Toro y Moi - Anything In Return (2LP)

SKU: 677517007718
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