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UPC: 617401292110

Release Date: 4/14/2023


When Thes One's longtime music partner in People Under The Stairs died suddenly in 2021, he turned inward to create an opus on grief, loss and redemption. In this ambitious instrumental elegy, Thes One tells the story of their life together by covering Double K's favorite songs in a densely layered mosaic of jazz, beats and psychedelia. Featuring a cast of renowned musicians from around the globe, this final footnote is both a parting gift to the fans and a love letter to a lost friend.




  • It Was Meant to Be...
  • Young Mike and Chris Floating Free
  • 90s Mike and Chris on the Porch
  • Mike and Chris Leave for Their First Tour
  • Mike at Chris' Bachelor Party in Rosarito
  • Mike, Chris and Too Many Aeroplanes
  • Prelude to Pain
  • The Bell Tolls for People Under the Stairs
  • Midnight January 29th, the Mothership Comes for Mike
  • Survivor Syndrome (We Did It for Mikey)

THES ONE - Farewell, My Friend.

SKU: 617401292110
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