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ISLAND 0144955

UPC: 602458519082

Release Date: 3/22/2024


“Prelude To Ecstasy is a pendulum which swings between the extremes of human emotion – from the ecstasy of passion to the sublimity of pain – and it is this concept which binds our album together. This is an archeology of ourselves; you can exhume our collective and individual experiences and influences from within its fabric. We exorcised guitars for their solos, laid bare confessions directly from diary pages, and summoned an orchestra to bring our vision to life. It is out greatest honour and pride to present this offering to the world, it is everything we are.” – The Last Dinner Party. Available on Marble vinyl.


Disc 1



1Prelude To Ecstasy
2Burn Alive
3Caesar On A TV Screen
4The Feminine Urge
5On Your Side
6Beautiful Boy
9My Lady Of Mercy
10Portrait Of A Dead Girl
11Nothing Matters

The Last Dinner Party - Prelude To Ecstasy (Marble Vinyl)

SKU: 602458519082
  • $75+ Free Shipping

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