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Prince arrived on the scene in the late-70s, and it didn't take long for him to upend the music world with his startling music and arresting demeanor. He rewrote the rulebook, forging a synthesis of black funk and white rock that served as a blueprint for cutting-edge music in the '80s. He made dance music that rocked and rock music that had a bristling, funky backbone. From the beginning, Prince and his music were androgynous, sly, sexy and provocative. His colorful image and revolutionary music made him a figure comparable in paradigm-shifting impact to Little Richard, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix and George Clinton.

By his early teens Prince had already mastered multiple instruments and was fronting his first band, Grand Central. A demo tape by the young prodigy resulted in major-label interest, and an 18-year-old Prince signed to Warner Bros. Records, insisting on the right to self-produce. His solo debut album, For You (1978) unveiled a budding genius and one-man band. For You included "Soft and Wet," an early glimpse at Prince's uncensored sexuality, and second ever single "Just as Long as We're Together." The rest is music history.


Disc 1



1For You
2In Love
3Soft and Wet
4Crazy You
5Just As Long As We’re Together
7My Love Is Forever
8So Blue
9I’m Yours

Prince - For You (Vinyl LP)

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