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NUMERO 0046071

UPC: 825764607117

Release Date: 10/20/2017


Recorded in 1971 by a 27-year-old pastor and an after school program choir, Like A Ship is a stirring and powerful meditation on the wayward aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement. Tracked with the help of Chess/Cadet maestros Gene Barge, Phil Upchurch, and Richard Evans, the album is a mix of euphoric gospel and Mayfield-esque political soul, with sleigh bells, hand claps, and jazzy piano stabs. Sampled by T.I., Kanye, and Khaled, Barrett created a rapturous, crossover gospel classic that’s still wildly relevant.




1Like A Ship
3It’s Me O Lord
4Ever Since
5Nobody Knows
6Joyful Noise
8Blessed Quietness

Pastor T.L. Barrett / Youth For Christ Choir - Like A Ship (Without A Sail)

SKU: 825764607117
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