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UPC: 767870663284

Release Date: 9/18/2020


John Dwyer and his crew have returned, losing an 'H' on the way but dropping yet another impossibly amazing slice of intergalactic psychedelic fun for all. It's easy to think it's yet another album from this prolific outfit but this one's a real belter! You've probably heard the hooky as hell "Dreary Nonsense" by now in all it's one minute and thirty five second glory but Protean Threat's got a whole load more to give. Thirteen magic moments here - from the noisy as hell "Scramble Suit II" to the rock hell of "Red Study" via the krautrock rumbling "Wing Run" to the slinky, sexy disco of "Said The Shovel" this could easily be their most forward thinking / make every other band give up album yet!




Scramble Suit II

Dreary Nonsense

Upbeat Ritual

Red Study

Terminal Jape

Wing Run

Said the Shovel


If I Had My Way


Gong of Catastrophe

Canopnr '74

Persuaders Up!

Osees - Protean Threat

SKU: 767870663284
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