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RCA 0534908

UPC: 889853490813

Release Date: 11/17/2017


An American master and true rock & roller, Lou Reed transformed popular art, music and culture through a body of work that continues to affect the way fans hear and see the world. Reed, who cut his first single as a teenager in the late-50s, began his professional career working as a New York in-house assembly line songwriter in the early-60s while developing his pure artistic vision as frontman for the Velvet Underground and throughout his uncompromising solo career. 1982's The Blue Mask - which Reed told Rolling Stone marked "the absolute end of everything from the Velvet Underground on" - was released a few days shy of his 40th birthday and it finds the literate legend newly married and free of addiction turning in a soulful and heartfelt batch of songs powered by a lean and mean two-guitars/bass/drums attack. Equally inspired, reflective and provocative, The Blue Mask is absolutely essential Lou Reed!


Disc 1



1My House
3Underneath the Bottle
4The Gun
5The Blue Mask
6Average Guy
7The Heroine
8Waves of Fear
9The Day John Kennedy Died
10Heavenly Arms

Lou Reed - The Blue Mask

SKU: 889853490813
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