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REPUBLIC 1925401

UPC: 602537539857

Release Date: 11/19/2013


Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 debut album from New Zealand singer/songwriter Ella Yelich-O'Connor AKA Lorde. It'd be easy to mistake Ella for a seasoned tunesmith from the American South, one who carries a heavy heart that's been ravaged by careless men over time. But in truth, Lorde recorded these songs as a 16-year old Kiwi championed by the likes of Perez Hilton and Grimes. She has a timeless knack for songcraft with a sophisticated pop savvy that most people over 30 can't find without collaboration. Lorde needs no collaborative hacks - she writes and sings her own songs. Even when she sings in her higher vocal range about teenage politics, Lorde carries herself with the grace and poise of someone like Beth Orton.





1 Tennis Court

2 400 Lux

3 Royals

4 Ribs

5 Buzzcut Season

6 Team

7 Glory and Gore

8 Still Sane

9 White Teeth Teens

10 A World Alone

Lorde - Pure Heroine

SKU: 602537539857
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