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Devo’s 1980 album, which contains the new wave classic “Whip It”. Presented on 1LP, 140g white vinyl.


Disc 1



1Girl U Want (2009 Remaster)
2It’s Not Right (2009 Remaster)
3Whip It (2009 Remaster)
4Snowball (2009 Remaster)
5Ton O’ Luv (2009 Remaster)
6Freedom of Choice (Remastered)
7Gates of Steel (2009 Remaster)
8Cold War (2009 Remaster)
9Don’t You Know (2009 Remaster)
10That’s Pep! (2009 Remaster)
11Mr. B’s Ballroom (2009 Remaster)
12Planet Earth (2009 Remaster)

Devo - Freedom Of Choice (White Vinyl) SYEOR Exclusive 2020

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