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Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. Daylight Savings is the follow-up to the group's debut album All News Is Good News. That album earned the band a much-deserved following across the world and triumphantly marked their arrival onto the international stage. Daylight Savings was recorded in Spring 2019, almost exactly a year after they recorded All News Is Good News. It was the weekend that daylight savings time started in Australia, and the studio was filled with the smell of the towering Jasmine bush on the exterior back wall of the house. The record is subsequently filled with the optimism that comes with the impending warmer months and longer days in Australia. Recorded in their own home studio in Melbourne, the production approach for Daylight Savings is a big step up from their debut. Engineer, Henry Jenkins, created enormous-sounding space within this record, using a great deal of creative analogue recording techniques and working in an expansive recording environment. The results are a sound that emulates the massiveness of the late-60s Capitol Records.


  • 1 College Welcome
  • 2 Deadlines
  • 3 New Ferrari
  • 4 Washing Day
  • 5 College Welcomes Carl
  • 6 Sick Day
  • 7 Daylight Savings
  • 8 Dinner Time
  • 9 Leave It, Don't Take It
  • 10 The Limp

Surprise Chef- Daylight Savings LP

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