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Release Date: 7/24/2007


1993's Debut marks Björk's first solo endeavor following the break-up of the Sugarcubes. The shimmering 10-song set was produced by Nellee Hooper who also co-wrote five of the album's ten electronic dance-pop tracks and features the distinct singles "Human Behaviour," "Venus as a Boy," "Big Time Sensuality" and "Violently Happy." "Debut was very much for me like a virgin trying to express herself, I mean a virgin musically," Bjork explains. "And that's why I named it Debut. And people who knew I had been around for many years just thought I was taking a piss or something. But for me it was very much like the songs I had kept in darkness and locked in my little diary, only to be seen by myself. The first time they were out on there own and had to figure out how to survive their own way."




1. Human Behaviour

2.  Crying

3. Venus As a Boy

4. There's More to Life Than This

5. Like Someone in Love

6. Big Time Sensuality

7. One Day

8. Aeroplane

9. Come to Me

10. Violently Happy

11. The Anchor Song

Bjork - Debut

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