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Big Crown is proud to present the next volume of Crown Jewels, our various artists compilation series that highlights some of the most popular tunes next to some of the more obscure.Every artist on Big Crown stands on their own two feet with ease, but together, something else becomes apparent. If you discover one artist on the roster and it brings you to the label, it's very likely you will find more that you enjoy. The Crown Jewels comps are just that, a chance to get a listen to the whole roster in one place. Even though not all BC artists can be found in the same aisle of the record store, after listening to Crown Jewels Vol. 2, it should be clear how they all fit on the same record label. When we started Big Crown we wanted to have a label that’s only boundaries were defined by our taste, not by genre. We think that this is a perfect example of that. Thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far and please stay tuned as we have a lot more music on deck.



  • 1 Piece of Me
  • 2 Follow Me
  • 3 Xxplosive
  • 4 Murkit Gem
  • 5 Float Back to You
  • 6 Grow Forever
  • 7 Enfant
  • 8 Fight
  • 9 Tonight You Might
  • 10 Reasons
  • 11 Then We'll Wave (So Long)
  • 12 Bye Bye

Big Crown Records Presents Crown Jewels Vol. 2 (Golden Haze Vinyl)

SKU: 349223012514
  • $45+ Free Shipping

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