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UPC: 889854553319

Release Date: 8/18/2017


Audioslave is arguably one of the rare cases where remnants of two great bands came together to create an even greater band. Consisting of three quarters of Rage Against The Machine plus late great Soundgarden singer Chris CornellAudioslave emerged on the modern musical landscape with an explosive mix of 70's Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath warped into the 2000s. Having the mighty Cornell as their lead singer was producer Rick Rubin's idea and the band hit the ground running, penning no less than 21 songs in a period of 19 days. Debut single "Cochise" was a worldwide smash and second single "Like a Stone" even topped that. As a result, their eponymous 2002 debut was certified Gold in the U.S. within a month after its release and earned a Grammy nod in 2004 for Best Hard Rock Performance.





Show Me How To Live


What You Are

Like A Stone

Set It Off

Shadow On The Sun


I Am The Highway



Bring Em Back Alive

Light My Way

Getaway Car

The Last Remaining Light

Audioslave - Audioslave

SKU: 889854553319
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